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Data Security Without Compromise; for Peace Of Mind

IT & Cloud Managed Security - Securing peace-of-mind for you and your business.

Genuine IT security is as much about fixing your existing problems as it is about providing you with the support and guidance to ensure you avoid security pitfalls in the future. From Anti-Virus software and effective firewalls to providing encryption and minimising the risk of hardware theft, Ortus understands your security needs.

We have solid experience in working with clients who have multiple sites and you probably already use a number of different devices to conduct business on a daily basis. With more devices comes more risk.

With IT Security specialists on our team with extensive experience, you’re assured of genuine peace-of-mind.
We’ll work with you to assess your security needs and give
you both short term solutions and long term advice.

Managed Security Solutions

Why it’s so important

Whether it’s your own peace-of-mind or for compliance reasons, your data has enormous value for your business. At Ortus, we ensure your devices are secure and safe so that in the event of loss or theft, you can at least ensure your data will not be compromised. Viruses and firewall breaches can also play havoc with your network and we’ll assess and deliver real security solutions covering your entire IT infrastructure. With Ortus, your data and security are in very safe hands.

Our team

As certified engineers with the following accreditations:

– our trusted advisors have designed security, infrastructure and remote access strategies for clients such as An Garda Siochana, The Garda Ombudsman, Hewlett Packard, Kildare Village Outlet, The Irish Prison Service, Diawa Bank, The Commission for Aviation Regulatory Authority, the Irish Medicines Board and many more. This gives you peace of mind that your security is being handled by only the most qualified professional team.

Ten IT security questions you need to consider…

1. Are your devices encrypted?
A windows password can be hacked in seconds so all devices containing third party data needs to be encrypted as per the data protection act.

2. Are your servers in a secure location?
Onsite servers need to be in a locked cabinet.

3. Is your remote access secure?
Cloud Servers need to be in a secure certified data centre with VPN access only. Local servers should only be accessed via VPN also. All data and email access through web browsers should be through a 256 bit encrypted connection only with a sound password protocol.

4. How secure is your Wifi?
Most companies don’t understand why this is so important despite media coverage.

5. Is your data backed up?
We meet small companies every week and about 30% of them do not have an adequate backup. In the region of 70% do not have any verification of whether the backup is actually working and 90% of them do not do any test data restores on a weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.

6. When was the last time your passwords were changed?
Are they secure? Who knows your password?

7. Are you hosting third party data?
If so, are you compliant with the data protection act 2003 and ePrivacy Regulation 2011.

8. Does your site have a disaster recovery plan?
It only takes hours to put a plan in place to decide what will happen in the event of failure.

9. What is your company’s email and Internet policy?
Who is liable in the event that something offensive is accessed or circulated in your company? What have you done to show a judge that your company has taken adequate measures?

10. Are all your devices up-to-date with security patches?
And remember, none of the answers to these queries need to be elaborate, time consuming or costly. We can do a security audit on your site and we’ll roll out the changes on your site as part of the service. Your business is our focus and our service is about ensuring your IT & cloud security needs reach the standards required.

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