Managed Services

Make infrastructure the core of your business continuity


Some of Ireland’s best known leading brands have trusted our team to design, project manage, install and support
their network infrastructure across all their locations.

Whether our cloud solutions or our server solutions are the right fit for your company, your infrastructure is a core aspect of your network. This is often overlooked and we have found this to be the biggest cause of poor business continuity. The first thing we do for all our clients is to examine their infrastructure, find the problems and come up with solutions.


1. We Consult

All your systems have to work together and all inefficiencies such as staff entering data into multiple systems need to be weeded out and removed. These inefficiencies are costing you money every day. We consult with you, your team, your software vendors, your electricians, your CCTV company, access control systems, your telecoms providers and anyone else involved in your business to assess your needs and issues. We establish what your business requirement is and how your infrastructure can accommodate it.

Items such as your companies:

  • Remote access strategy
  • Security requirement
  • Disaster recovery
  • Business continuity
  • Forecasted growth
  • Possible integration or replacement of current systems

2. We Test

Armed with the results from our consultancy we test your existing infrastructure, find the problems, continue to liaise with third parties to find solutions and document our findings.

We test the following:

  • Failover systems including backup power supplies
  • Cable infrastructure
  • Link speeds
  • Networking issues
  • Broadband performance & redundancy
  • VPNs
  • Security
  • End Point configuration
  • Data protection
  • Disaster recovery

3. We Design

Having completed our consultancy and tested your system we can start drawing up a schematic of how your sites infrastructure could look. This may be as simple as fixing a few standard issues or it could mean proposing a new solution.

Typically there are two clear options with a list of advantages and disadvantages of each option. Budgets are paramount but security and stability should not be compromised. Once this has been done its time for all parties to consult once more to decide the best solution. All Ortus’s infrastructure designs include options for redundancy and failover to maximise business continuity wherever possible and to offer a disaster recovery plan.

4 . We Implement

Our starting point on a rollout plan is to choose a completion date along with our clients. We use our design and advanced project management systems to document a step by step plan that is driven by tasks and time deadlines. We provide Tier 3 infrastructure engineers to rollout our projects and our hard working task driven team don’t miss deadlines.

5. We Manage & Monitor

Our core strength is your core infrastructure. We thrive on the management of your systems and we treat the uptime of your infrastructure as a matter of life and death.

An infrastructure needs to be monitored with alerts and have redundancy in order to be managed. In Ortus we install equipment with the technology to be monitored remotely and remotely accessed to minimize risk and downtime. Clients with recommended systems experience over 99.95% uptime because of this.


  • Fibre backbone upgrade for Wheatfield Prison: Value: circa €250,000.
    From design through to installation including project management and ongoing support.
    Value of Project of circa €250,000.
  • Complete communications upgrade for Firstcare Ireland.
    Full managed services supplied to all their sites nationwide.
    Multisite VPN tunnel between all sites.Managed Cisco & SonicWALL backbone.Managed Wi-Fi controlled and content filtered with both staff and guest access with 100% coverage across all sites.
    Managed Communications systems.
  • Consultancy, Project management & Rollout of over 20 new builds from Accountants through to Healthcare including:
  • All communications with builders, electricians, clock in specialists, audio visual specialists, access control companies, security companies, fire companies, nurse-call companies, cctv installers and software companies.
  • Cable design for systems such as end points, Wi-Fi and touchscreens.
  • Integration of products such as clock in systems and payroll systems to save administrative duplication of work. Integration of CRM & Accounts to achieve the same goal.
  • Communication rack/room design based on the findings during consultation with all the above.


We don’t take chances with Security.
We use Sonicwall products to manage your military standard security, content filtering and WiFi. Our engineers are accredited to master level and we are preferred partners of the worlds leading security provider.

We don’t take chances with Uptime.
To maximise your uptime our Cisco certified engineers design and install systems offering redundancy to your system. Redundant internet lines as well as communications hardware. Our Cisco products have a lifetime guarantee.

We don’t take chances with Brands.
Microsoft operating systems are at the core of our designs and we are gold and silver partners in 7 categories.

We don’t take chances with Stability.
Over 70% of Fortune 500 companies use HP DL or ML servers. Our team have installed hundreds of these best of breed servers globally. We use virtualisation to enable full disaster recovery to a new server in about 4 hours. We proactively monitor your servers to predict a disaster. We stock spare servers and are ready to pounce.

We don’t take chances with Redundancy.

Our UPC systems are managed, monitored and equipped with remote access features enabling us to reboot comms equipment remotely. This along with our redundancy in switches, firewalls, routers and Internet connection almost eliminates downtime.