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IT Disaster Recovery services

Your data and systems are too valuable to take any chances.

If you’ve ever had an IT disaster or major failure, you realise how dependent you are on your IT infrastructure. And if you have not, you’re lucky …but now is the time to put in place an iron-clad IT infrastructure so that in the event of the worst case scenario, you’re ready and able to retrieve data, systems and more. You can ensure everything can go back to the way it was. From online back-up to business continuity services, we’ve got it covered. Ortus can provide you with this level of peace-of-mind and deliver a solid DR plan for your business.

Preparation is paramount in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity…

If your site does not have a Disaster Recovery plan, we can help you both develop one and implement it too. At Ortus, we have always believed that all our solutions should be recovered in the minimum amount of time. As an Ortus client, what would this mean for you?

Six reasons to choose Ortus as your Data Recovery specialist

1. Our Cloud servers can be recovered in 15 mins and you have a guaranteed 99.9% uptime or your money back.

2. Our broadband failover can means you will never be without internet access.

3. Our cloud email and data solutions ensure you have access to both files and emails from any device from anywhere over any connection. They back up every 15 Dublin, Cork, Portlaoise and London mins and also have a guaranteed 99.95% up time or your money back.

4. Our onsite servers are virtualised. We keep four spare servers and rollout a temporary server and restore a ‘snapshot’ system in under 4 hours. This means your staff can work as normal while we troubleshoot the server. We then come back ‘out-of-hours’ to put the original server back.

5. Our managed solution will alert us to any faults on your network via email so we can prevent outages. We also remove ‘single points of failure’ including broadband by putting in automatic failover.

6. Our backup solution for all the above takes 5 separate backups to 5 separate locations. We test every managed site once a week and the backup system alerts us to any danger or failures. We don’t take any chances on backups and neither should you!

Disaster Recovery solutions are all about preparation and ensuring you have a world-class, reliable service provider. In Ortus, you’re assured of an IT crisis management specialist and our customer-driven focus means you don’t need to worry about the data or systems – that’s our job.

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