Managed IT & Cloud Solutions For Solicitors


Managed IT & Cloud Solutions For Solicitors

Since the early 90’s, Ortus have been testing and rolling out IT solutions for Solicitors and tackling key issues such as data protection compliance, remote access for legal firms, amalgamated systems, multisite IT solutions and more.

We understand that data has never been more valuable for the legal community. With a complete understanding of your needs, Ortus can provide a full range of Managed Services with your requirements in mind. Our team of seasoned professionals will give you the IT infrastructure you can depend on. Now entering into a third generation of products, you are guaranteed stable, tried and tested systems.

Don’t just take our word for it! With a solid track record in working with firms of all sizes, we will give you a list of firms you can call.



Our Data Protection and Military Grade Security policies conform to relevant ISO standards.

Guaranteed 30 mins response time for critical calls.

Guaranteed 99.95% uptime on all our cloud services or your money back.

We bring 100% of logged issues to a full conclusion and offer guaranteed solutions.

Free unlimited training.

We offer up to 1 hour disaster recovery.

A Managed helpdesk up to 7 days a week and up to 364 days a year.

We renew 99% of our contracts with clients each year in an industry that boasts 84%.

We are so confident that we will give you the option to cancel our Services with 60 days notice.


When it comes to working with third-party vendors, we have years of experience and a genuine understanding of your needs.

Ortus advisors can liaise with all your third party vendors such as Cortbase, eXpd8, Lawbase, Documatics and any other software vendors you have, to ensure your efficiency is maximised at all times.

No matter what application you require, we are confident we can get it to work securely in the cloud, or backed up to the cloud, in Irish data centres – with your company retaining full ownership of the data.

Improved efficiencies and productivity of your staff.

Troubleshooting – proactive alerts enable us to react before you are even aware of the issue.

Weekly testing and verification of all backups can be activated.

Our Disaster Recovery solution can be activated in a matter of minutes.

Spare equipment such as Servers, Routers, Firewalls, Switches, PCs, Monitors, Printers/ Scanners, Keyboards, Mice, Wireless access points, Laptops & Hard drives if required.


James McElwee Solicitors
“As an Irish law firm providing a full range of legal services, data security was key to us making a decision of whom to partner with for our Managed IT. With Ortus this was also their main priority and the military level security that they provide gave us great peace of mind.”

James McElweeMcElwee Solicitors
Principal Solicitor/ Managing Director

Bolger White Egan Flanagan Solicitors

“We are current clients of Ortus and have been for the last number of years. Ortus Support Team provide us with a very professional and prompt service and their response time to queries is generally less than 30 mins.”

Robert WhiteBWJSolicitors
Managing Director

Rollestons Solicitors

“We engaged Ortus to support our software a couple of years ago. They are prompt. They have always given us a great service both online and onsite and more importantly give us good independent advice”

Eugene O’ConnorRollestons Managing Partner


We have a range of affordable Cloud products on offer. From using your phones anywhere to taking your software packages to the cloud, contact us for more information.


Ideal if some of your applications are already cloud based

  • 99.95% guaranteed uptime or your money back
  • Built in Backup & Disaster recovery as well as second backup to Azure
  • Includes Microsoft Office suite and full Cloud Email Solution (Exchange) with virus and spam- filter
  • 256 Bit encryption over VPN for military standard security
  • Includes secure shared folders for company data
  • One monthly per-user price
  • Prevents data theft, both internal and external. Enables remote removal of data
  • Includes full set of apps to access your data over smartphones (including iPhones)

Access all your business applications through your browser in our unique Online Workplace


99.95% guaranteed uptime or your money back

  • No Servers, No Capital expense & One monthly per-user price
  • Built in Microsoft Office licensing
  • Backup included for disaster recovery
  • 256 Bit encryption over VPN for military standard security
  • Includes full cloud email solution (Exchange) with virus and spam filter
  • Prevents data theft, both internal and external. Enables remote removal of data
  • Keep your PCs for 15 years. Replace them for €95 ex VAT
  • Includes full set of apps to access your cloud desktop over smartphones
  • Works with all your business applications
Access your company desktop
Anywhere, Anytime


Some applications aren’t cloud friendly, Hybrid is the solution

  • Keep your non cloud application on site and still avail of cloud technology
  • Perfect for locations without high speed broadband
  • Includes a cloud backup & cloud email
  • Bolt on as many of our cloud solutions as you like!
  • Bolster with Ortus Security Plus
  • Let our engineers virtualise your environment to allow for fast disaster recovery
  • We have spare servers which can be rolled out in the event of failure
Combine the power of a local server with cloud services tailored to your business requirements


Virus and intrusion protection

  • Disable USB ports on specific devices
  • Internet & Email policies
  • Full security audits & Penetration testing
  • Monitor web usage and set up web alerts
  • Secure VPN enforced tunnelling
  • Content filtering to limit or prohibit certain categories of websites (social media, Gmail, etc)
  • Encryption and 2 factor authentication
  • Data Protection compliance


Virus and intrusion

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